Welcome to Bumpaire

CAPWith new information, we at Lidy Mac are compelled to change, strive for the best welfare of the smallest and most dependent of our world. Infants, and the families who adore and love them, hold their welfare and safety as a top priority. As parents ourselves, we understand fully the call to protect and nurture the most precious blessing on earth, our children. It is with our own children at heart and each precious child, that we created Bumpaire.

Bumpaire is a thoughtful and patented infant bedding design that addresses the direct concerns raised by the American Academy of Pediatrics, consumer advocacy groups such as First Candle and the Consumer Product Safety Council.

At Lidy Mac, it is not our focus to corner the market with sales, but to build a network of caring, thoughtful and concerned industry leaders that want to change an industry and place the welfare of infants and children ahead of profits. Lidy Mac is dedicated to “doing what is right” and hope that other manufacturers join our cause.

                                                               Our first and foremost desire is to reach out and offer our
                                                                        design to companies that share our vision.
                                                                                                 Please become educated about the
                                                                                                   four primary concerns that are at
                                                                                                    the heart of concern for so many.
                                                                                                      Infant suffocation, strangulation,
                                                                                                           entrapment and SIDS.

                                                                                              We have extensive links for your
                                                                                              education and important resources.
                                                                                             Together... we can make a difference